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How do you go about weightloss when your medicine makes it hard to lose weight?

My medicines I am on makes me keep the weigh on. I am trying to figure out how to go about getting the pounds off. I am on a low carb diet already. What type of exercise should I be doing. I am starting back walking now that winter is over.

posted 3 days ago by A MyObesityTeam User
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@A MyObesityTeam User I use lemon in my water and tea I dont need sweetner in it. My husband uses raw honey or organic honey in his tea he only drinks… read more

posted 3 days ago

Has anyone been overweight most of their lives, succeeded in losing a lot ,only to have it come back for unknown reasons?

Lost 200 pounds in my early 30's , lasted 5 years but then came back on quickly even though i was still exercising as i had been. extreme cardio. i learned later that statin toxicity caused thyroid problems and diabetes. I was so angry, because here i had been doing great and thought i was saving my life only to find i was being poisoned. it damaged my muscles so bad i thought i had MS or… read more

posted 9 days ago by A MyObesityTeam User

Really struggling now. I have no thyroid because of cancer and specialist changed my thyroid medication so I am not as tightly controlled and I am… read more

posted about 2 hours ago

How do you stop emotional eating al i think of is food some times i wish i was nt a foodaholic

posted 15 days ago by A MyObesityTeam User
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emotional eating is my big battle as well - i try hard to find other outlets for my emotions - exercise and writing seem to help me but i DO still… read more

posted 13 days ago

Commercial weight loss programs

Has anyone ever used a weightloss clinic like Dr Bernstein? Their's sound quite good but only if you can spared $1200. -- $2000. Some people might consider the $2000. grant if you can afford to pay in advance. I, personally, can't afford it!

posted 15 days ago by A MyObesityTeam User

Well according to the grant specifications, at first you're supposed to receive a qualifying kit. After which you can get a clinician to weigh you,… read more

posted 12 days ago

I called EMS to go to ER as directed by doctor and dispatcher asked me how much I weighed.

I had bladder procedure last week it was very painful and I had rough time of it. Next day I was very uncomfortable and as day wore on I was doubled over in pain so called doctor he said go to hospital. Upon calling EMS dispatcher asked me several questions regarding my health. Then he asked me my weight. I did reveal I weighed 263 lbs. and 5’4” tall. I live in senior complex and E MTs are frequent visitors here. Usually… read more

posted 17 days ago by A MyObesityTeam User
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sure! my water fast is just that, water only. I do not eat any food or chew gum. I take a bariatric chewable multivitamin daily, and put a little pinch… read more

posted 2 days ago

Calorie foundation

Just joined the group. I'm 560 pounds, and miserable. 6 feet tall and, very poor, movement walking. Trying to find a, calorie foundation. Some say, (Phone number can only be seen by MyObesityTeam users). Heck I don't know where to, start. Have, lost, so much from this., Sex, life, bad now. Still have good blood flow,but to much mass. Hurt bad, to the sleep. Need, some support and wisdom.

edited, originally posted 17 days ago by A MyObesityTeam User
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I know there is a lot of controversy regarding water only fasting, because a lot of people are very ignorant as to what it actually does. But, since we… read more

posted 14 days ago

I only use artificial sugar in my coffee , no milk , i only drink Tab or Coke, Sprite Zero, eat brown bread but I am very overweight why

posted 17 days ago by A MyObesityTeam User
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to back up what Kris said - it may very well have to do with the artificial sweeteners - not an expert but my understanding is they are beginning to… read more

posted 13 days ago

How do I stop emotional eating?

I eat when I am bored, I eat when I am tired, I eat when I am frustrated. I am constantly eating for reasons other than hunger. How do I stop? It's like it just slips under my radar and next thing I know, I have polished off a whole pie, or cookies or bag of potato chips.

posted 18 days ago by A MyObesityTeam User
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I have the same issues. I usually put my headphones on and go into meditation. It works for me.

posted about 17 hours ago

has anyone else gained bsck some weight after gastric bypass surgery i had it three years ago gained back 30 pounds

what can i do to keep weight off ive just started all fruits exercising everyday walking what else

posted 19 days ago by A MyObesityTeam User

the issue with gastric bypass is that it doesn't address the issue of food addictions. once people reach their goal weight, they go back to eating… read more

posted 14 days ago

Wondering how many calories a day are you eating?

I was informed I should be eating between 1200-1600? Is this what everyone else is aiming for?

posted 19 days ago by A MyObesityTeam User
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1200 is for me and each weekend if I want a little more I may have a treat. Only on the weekend.

posted 15 days ago
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