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How Do I Stop Emotional Eating?
A MyObesityTeam Member asked a question 💭

I eat when I am bored, I eat when I am tired, I eat when I am frustrated. I am constantly eating for reasons other than hunger. How do I stop? It's like it just slips under my radar and next thing I know, I have polished off a whole pie, or cookies or bag of potato chips.

A MyObesityTeam Member

Eat healthy no matter when you eat... veggies.. yogurt ice cream bars..fruit.. popcorn... lookup Goodpop..they have treats less calories..then try healthy mh nd behavior therapy reading the Word of… read more

posted June 17
What’s The Easiest Excersise To Do When You Hate Exercise And Get Worn Out Easily
A MyObesityTeam Member asked a question 💭

I can’t walk up a flit or stairs or my best attempt at jogging for mere seconds without being out of breath

A MyObesityTeam Member

Yes MSlater 🥰 I also find when its fun to do it goes by so much quicker. For me its just finding enough time in the day to get up and get motivated. Having someone to work out with is so much easier… read more

posted January 12, 2022
Has Anyone Else Gained Bsck Some Weight After Gastric Bypass Surgery I Had It Three Years Ago Gained Back 30 Pounds
A MyObesityTeam Member asked a question 💭

what can i do to keep weight off ive just started all fruits exercising everyday walking what else

A MyObesityTeam Member

I'm a failure. I had mine in 2002 and I was 420 at my highest. Lowest 220. But in the years between them and now...I'm back up to 325. I'm so upset. I had my thyroid out so now I can't lose a pound… read more

posted March 26
Weight Loss Surgery
A MyObesityTeam Member asked a question 💭

Has anyone had the lap band? I'm going to a seminar for it next month. Still on the fence but willing to look into it.

A MyObesityTeam Member

Yes I had the lap band in 2013 it failed so I had to get revision to gastric bypass surgery

posted November 20, 2019
Does Anyone Else Here Have Arthritis In Their Back And Knees? If So, What Treatments Have Worked For You?
A MyObesityTeam Member asked a question 💭

I have arthritis in my back that has been treated with injections. I've even had the nerve endings in the L3-L5 region in my back burned and had a cortisol shot in my s1 region. The swelling is gone, but not the pain. My knees have been left untreated. The pain gets unbearable at times, but my doctor only says lose weight. I've told her several times that I'm usually an active person, but pain makes me not want to be active. I need relief. Any suggestions. I've already considered… read more

A MyObesityTeam Member

Yes it's very difficult to do alot when your in great pain! I also have Osteoarthritis in just about every spot you can imagine. I had my knees replaced at the same time but unfortunately I ruptured… read more

posted April 8
Calorie Foundation
A MyObesityTeam Member asked a question 💭

Just joined the group. I'm 560 pounds, and miserable. 6 feet tall and, very poor, movement walking. Trying to find a, calorie foundation. Some say, (Phone number can only be seen by MyObesityTeam users). Heck I don't know where to, start. Have, lost, so much from this., Sex, life, bad now. Still have good blood flow,but to much mass. Hurt bad, to the sleep. Need, some support and wisdom.

A MyObesityTeam Member

I am jumping in today. It would be encouraging if I knew how your progress going. Hope to see an update.

posted March 9, 2021
What Is Everyone's Take Or Opinions On Sex And Obesity?
A MyObesityTeam Member asked a question 💭
A MyObesityTeam Member

Find a postion that works first but also bring back foreplay and double it lol

posted March 31, 2018
Does Anyone Else Really Want To Eat At Night? I Know It’s Out Of Boredom.
A MyObesityTeam Member asked a question 💭
A MyObesityTeam Member

Evening is the worst! I know it's mostly habit. Eating in front of the tv.

I really need to switch to herbal tea or something.

posted January 25, 2019
Does Anyone Use Sweeteners And If So,, Have You Had Any Side Effects From Them? Opinions Are Welcome As Well.
A MyObesityTeam Member asked a question 💭

I started using sweeteners in the past year and not sure how good they are for us. What kind is the best and which are the worse? I use Stevia or Trivia.

A MyObesityTeam Member

I use Equal, but I don't know the side effects if any. I hear that none of it is really good for you?

posted July 31, 2018
Dismissive Doctors?
A MyObesityTeam Member asked a question 💭

Today was the 7th anniversary of me and my husband's first date. It would have gone really well, except for my arthritis. I've been in pain all day. Nothing seems to touch it. I've asked my doctor for help, and all I got was "Lose weight". Has anyone else been dismissed when they bring things like this up at the doctor's? What did you do?

A MyObesityTeam Member

Yes, sometimes you have to shop around for doctors that fit. I found that I stayed with mine too long it was time to look for a different nurse practioner or doctor. Time and health practices… read more

posted June 22, 2022
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