The Power of Letting Go of What You Can't Control

Posted on August 03, 2018

"Life is too short. I can't control everything in my life. Trying to is exhausting!!" - member of MyObesityTeam

Living with obesity can mean our minds are full of fears and a lack of control over our health. How can our bodies refuse to do what we want them to do? How do we grab the reins back and fix the situation? Living with obesity forces us to recognize what we can and cannot control.

Members on MyObesityTeam have various strategies for letting go of control and fear, including:

1) using guided imagery to visualize letting go and feeling free
2) opening up and trusting others
3) organizing or cleaning the house
4) reaching out for support from other members on MyObesityTeam

Here are some conversations from MyObesityTeam about letting go:

"I had a tough day today in terms of eating. My choices were not healthy at all! But all I can do is what I can do and let go of today and focus on tomorrow. I’m going to do the next best thing!"

"Praying to get my mind right. Food is not a reward, it's not a hobby, it's necessary. I can't continue to let it control me. I must let go and let God do for me what I can't do for myself! I surrender ALL!"

"Trust that the things that are meant for you won't miss you, and don't be afraid to let go of something that is not for you. As soon as you start letting go you open up your life for whatever is yours."

Have you had moments of letting go just when you needed it most? What helps you 'let go' of things out of your control? Share in the comments below or directly on

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That's what I do

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