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Why You Advertising So Many Diet Pills This Is The Uk

Why You Advertising So Many Diet Pills This Is The Uk

i would take a tablet that reduced my appetite but when i stopped id be sure to put it on again

A MyObesityTeam Member said:

I find a lot of those appetite supressant pills have palm oil in them, the idea being is that it lines your stomach and makes you feel full sooner, but palm oil is not good for you at all, worse it stores. A better way to feel full faster is to add nuts or fiber to your diet. Sprinkle oats or LSR into whatever you are eating. Also apples are good when you're feeling hungry too. Also Chromium is good for suppressing sugar cravings, you can find it in most multi vitamins (or buy it alone), but make sure you get a multi with as little B6 as possible in it because B6 inhibits weight loss. If you really want to go the oil lining your stomach way then Red Krill and/or coconut oil are metabolism boosters and better for you.

edited, originally posted almost 6 years ago
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