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A MyObesityTeam Member

How can I get my insurance to cover The of meds.

posted July 6, 2017
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A MyObesityTeam Member

What meds? Diet Meds?

posted August 12, 2017
A MyObesityTeam Member

I have tried and have a hard time getting the insurance to cover the necessary drugs. They are getting more cuts and they pass that on to us with higher co pays and denials

posted July 23, 2017
A MyObesityTeam Member

You could call them and ask

posted July 15, 2017
A MyObesityTeam Member

By taking to your doctor and been candid about it , doctor's have a lot of ways to get through insurance red tape or he can give you some samples of your meds also if you call the pharmaceutical company they can help .My insurance doesn't cover one of my meds and I can't afford to pay for it so I call directly the pharmaceutical company and I can get it directly from them cheaper than my pharmacy

posted July 14, 2017 (edited)
A MyObesityTeam Member

There is also extra help for people with medications. Talk to your pharmacy.🐾

posted July 13, 2017

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