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Physical Activity When In Pain
A MyObesityTeam Member asked a question 💭

For those that suffer pain while walking or even just standing, what have you found that works to get exercise? I can only walk short distances before I suffer severe pain due to OA in my knees. I am not sure whether or not knee replacement is an option I want

posted August 19, 2017
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A MyObesityTeam Member

I have OA also , but exercising in the pool helps for me and doing yoga just modified the exercises and suit them to your own needs and do what you can if you can only walk a minute do that , with OA if you don't move the pain is unbearable and if you move it hurts as well . I have OA on my hips shoulders and knees , also keep your eye on what you eat and drink since I notice that some things aggravate my pain and also the weather . Write it down how you feel and keep a journal of you pain levels . For me that helps , hot and ice helps me also I alternate hot compresses with cold ones and it helps . I also do mediration and deep breaths relaxing therapy and physical therapy

posted October 1, 2017
A MyObesityTeam Member

When I go to the YMCA to go swimming, I start off exercising in the warm pool for an hour then get in the whirlpool for 20 minutes then in the lap pool which is cold and swim 4 and sometimes 6 laps, then go in the steam room and then sauna. I feel refreshed afterwards. I try do this twice a week when I take the time to do it.

posted February 24, 2018
A MyObesityTeam Member

Walking in the pool has helped a lot. I hope to build to an hour I am at 40_45 minutes right now. I would recommend it so much less pain

posted August 19, 2017
A MyObesityTeam Member

I start moving in the bed.
I lift my legs, cross them,
Knee bends, soft stretches, and push ups.
It sounds silly but it wakes me up and gets me going.

posted September 30, 2017
A MyObesityTeam Member

I have a partial tear of the meniscus and with my weight its too hard to stand or walk for long periods of time. I have found some chair workouts on YouTube that seem to be very good.

posted February 12, 2019

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