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What Some Exercise I Can Do In Bed

What Some Exercise I Can Do In Bed

I weigh over 600 lbs What some exercise i can do in bed

A MyObesityTeam Member said:

Hi Dallas. Welcome to the group. Can you walk at all ? The very best exercise is walking. For anyone. Even if can only take a few steps at a time. If need a walker for help, that is okay. Just taking a few steps at a time, then adding more when able. We all need to really push ourselves sometimes. Any movement you can do in bed the better. As you know, it is so important to keep blood circulation to prevent blood clots, etc. Always good idea before attempting anything too strenuous is to get doctor's approval. Always go slow at first. When breathing becomes difficult , then stop. Don't quit , just try again later when rested. Here's a few if you can't sit up straight . Always remember to breath in slowly when bringing arm or leg up, and breath out when lowering.
1. Leg lifts. Lying on back with legs out stretched. Lift one at a time. Do
same amount for each leg. . Also can bring up leg bending at knee, then
straightening leg out bringing leg back down on bed.
2. Ankle circles. Lift leg slightly and rotate foot around in circles. Then go in
opposite direction. Do with each foot . One at a time. This can work for arms also.
3. Arm lifts. Lying on back. Arms stretched out as straight as possible from
​shoulder. Lift whole arm up off bed. As high as is comfortable. One arm at
a time. Then if not out of breath two much, can do both arms at one time.
4. Arm bends. Stretch arms out in front of you. Palms facing up. Lift lower
arm up , bending at elbow. Lower out straight and repeat. Then do with
other arm.
Adding weights really help with cardio and helps with muscle loss. Just even holding soup cans will work doing the arm exercises. Use your imagination a bit and just hold the weights and lift arms around in different directions , heights, etc. These exercises can be done sitting on the side of bed or in a chair. Just moving and lifting is exercise. Does not have to be a gym workout to be helpful . But note, diet and portion control plays such a more important and biggest role in weight loss. The less calories, carbs, sugar, etc. one eats, the less activity one needs to burn it off. 🥰

edited, originally posted 9 months ago
A MyObesityTeam Member said:

Look for fitness with julie on Facebook. She does chair to fit classes. Its awesome you can work out from your bed or a chair or stand up . Whatever you can do I love it. You can also find her on YouTube.

posted 7 months ago
A MyObesityTeam Member said:

KeriHawkins, I just checked out Fitness with Julie - - so great!! Thanks for this recommendation! Cannot wait to actually get the courage to try it now.

posted 5 months ago
A MyObesityTeam Member said:

I can only walk few steps

posted 9 months ago
A MyObesityTeam Member said:

Thank you, I am looking for chair fitness

posted 5 months ago
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