Are You Afraid to Say No?

Posted on May 01, 2019

Yes. No. I mean – maybe? Well, okay. Have you ever wanted to be able to say "no" without feeling guilty? Without feeling you're letting someone down? Many of us struggle with disappointing anyone with a 'no.' At the same time, those two letters, n-o, can be freeing.

If you’re managing a chronic condition, the ability to say no is a powerful skill that can ultimately give you the gifts of time and energy to dedicate to your health. By trading off doing something you truly don’t have the time to do, you can give yourself more breathing room to stay on top of appointments, treatments, and general self-care. It becomes easier to say “no” with practice.

There are a variety of ways to say no and set boundaries with friends and family with no hard feelings. How do you say “no” to others? Are you direct? Do you provide rain checks?

Here are some conversations about this topic from the community:

“There comes a time in our lives when we have to do what is right for us.”

“I haven't and can't tell my family my plans on not attending.”

When has saying no been a form of self-care for you?
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I'm going to stop this insanity of limiting certain food groups........

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