Ready to Stop Judging Yourself?

Posted on May 23, 2018

"I was tired of listening to my harshest critic, the little voice in my head, so I became more KIND to myself." -Member of MyObesityTeam

You may judge yourself and others
every day without realizing it. Like many members of MyObesityTeam have found, living with obesity is an exercise in frustrating moments. You may blame yourself when you look in the mirror, when others judge you, or when you falter with your goals. The problem is when you let these internal judgments shape belief in yourself.

Here are recent conversations from members on MyObesityTeam:

"Today's starting off good. I finally slept, I've started in on healthier, positive, thinking for today, and I stuck to my morning plan. I know not all days will be perfect, but I am going to focus on the things I do achieve. Just for today, I will be kind to myself."

"My #1 life-changer was learning to talk or think ways about myself like a good buddy. We always have fun and say good things to others but often it is the opposite toward ourselves. This was a life changer for me. Be kind to you. No more bad talk or bad thoughts toward yourself."

"Try to find just one little thing each and every day that you like about yourself and work from there. You can hate things about yourself, that's easy. Liking things take a little effort..."

Experts in mindfulness and self-care recommend pausing a moment when you find you're judging yourself. Be aware of those judgments. Ask yourself where this is coming from. Use the moment to be gentle and compassionate with yourself.

Do you recall a time when you were particularly critical of yourself? What are you doing to show yourself kindness in those moments? Share in the comments below or directly on MyObesityTeam.

A MyObesityTeam Member said:

I don't need to judge myself everybody else does it for me! And they make sure they know to tell me that I'm worthless and every way shape and form.

posted 11 months ago

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