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Does Anyone Get Angry Over Weight?

Does Anyone Get Angry Over Weight?

I have more desire to lose weight than I can express. Yet, some of my disability keeps me from doing things that can help me shed that weight. I want to go on a supplement, but all of them require exercise.. I can't exercise because of my Dystonia. I get so angry because I KNOW all the right things to do, but I can't do them! How do you deal with the war going on in your head over weight issues?

A MyObesityTeam Member said:

From everything I have read, most studies haven't really went into other conditions. They tend to stick with Dystonia as the primary issue or a secondary issue caused by Parkinson's, MS, etc.

When I began to try to research exercises that won't cause the spasms, most of the tips/tricks are for cervical Dystonia.

When I had my A1C checked a month ago I asked my Dr if I could the Keto diet. He told me no. I am sure he had his reasons knowing my medical history. Yes, I do feel that 45g of carbs per meal is way too much. I am slowly decreasing that on my own. I just have to be careful because of the medications I am on. I don't want to go too low.

I am going to talk to a Physical therapist to see if I can do water exercises. I can't do just laps, because the constant repetitive motions cause spasms and can cause drowning lol.

I will get this figured out, it just takes longer than I want it to. I get angry about it at times. I get angry at myself because I am not doing better. Yes, I get in a snit with myself over things that I cannot control lol.

posted over 1 year ago
A MyObesityTeam Member said:

Yes, mine is the hereditary form. It just progressively gets worse. I have to choose if I can brush my hair that day. Sometimes I go 1-2 weeks without brushing it. If I walk 15-30 min (about a mile) I am suffering spasms that evening, into the night and sometimes that next day.

I had a membership at Planet Fitness and had to give that up. I was doing my routine and making progress (I was down to almost size 15), and turned into a human pretzel from the spasms.

There are times where even cutting my own food, cooking and cleaning renders me into spasms. It's an ordeal.

posted over 1 year ago
A MyObesityTeam Member said:

I don't eat pasta, breads, rice, junk foods, etc... I eat 35g of carbs per a meal or less. I am allowed to have 45g per meal and 15g for a snack. I am allowed to have 1600 calories a day. There are times I never reach 1000 per day. When I do go out to eat, it's a sit down restaurant, where I can ask for a to-go box as they deliver my meal. I get weird looks, until they see what I do.

Before I take my first bite, I take half of that plate and put it in the box. I never finish even half of my meal, and add the rest to the box.

For example: Friday night was date night for me. I ordered a Country Fried Steak dinner. It came with a side salad and a roll. I gave the roll to my SO. The meal came with the steak, potatoes and broccoli. I ate all the broccoli, and took the majority of the meal home. It's Sunday and I am still working on finishing that meal..

So, I am seriously wondering if my brain is just broken from my TBI as an infant. :/

posted over 1 year ago
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