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How Do You Find A Group?

How Do You Find A Group?

New to group. How do you find a group and What is the golden rule?

A MyObesityTeam Member said:

Golden rule is trest others the way you want to be treated.. To build a team...add people you feel drawn too. Anyone who encourages you and makes you feel good about lising weight..add them by pressing (I have a phone) their picture and it goes to their page; read their story..see if you have things in common with them. Try to be on here at least 3 to 4 times a week. You cant get help if you're not on here to get it.
Oh and welcome to the group. Write out your story.. it helps others to identify with you. Uou can write as little or as much as u want. You can go back and edit your story any time you want. There are no "groups" per say..You add people to your "group". Dont worry or be nervous about this group. We are respectful and supportive.. and if someone bothers you, you can just block them...easy peasy...
Like facebook...block annoying ir hurtful people. I never had to block anyone. But I got blocked by this guy who was kinda creepy pervert..and I called him out on it.. He isnt here on my timeline anymore. Just be careful about giving out petsonal info. I have become facebook friends with two nice guys. One has been my facebook friend for almost 3 years..the otjer just a couple months and he is very sweet. Both are like little brothers to me. I am also on the depression group and the chronic pain group. Both are part of the Team and I have met some wonderful friends over the last 4 years... just look around..make yourself at home. We are here to lose weight and get the encouragement we need to do it. No judgements here.. just much support and encouragement.
Best wishes always...

posted 4 months ago
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