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I'm Doing Intermittent Fasting And Counting Macros With No Results. Any Suggestions.

A MyObesityTeam Member asked a question 💭
posted February 3
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A MyObesityTeam Member

I found it easier to stick to my healthy lower calorie eating plan by firstly knowing what food I am going to eliminate. Such as saturated fats, white flour products, including white rice, processed foods, such as hotdogs, lunch meats, packaged meals, etc. course sugar. I gave up adding sugar to my drinks, etc. over 25yrs ago and never use the artificial sweeteners. Never liked the taste. But if one does want a sweetener, use Stevia. This is not artificial but made from a plant. For baking one can use Swerve or Monk Fruit. For a mayonnaise replacement I use plain Greek yogurt with a tiny bit of lemon juice and bit of brown mustard. For egg or tuna salad, etc. . I now seldom eat much red meat. I don't eat things with lots of additives, preservatives, etc. One does not need to spend the extra money for organic if budget is important. Just make sure you wash the veggies and fruit more thoroughly. And know that frozen vegetables are just as nutritious. If not more so than fresh ones. I stock my freezer with lots of frozen veggies. So don't have to worry about them going bad in the fridge. Though fresh are mainly like greens , cucumbers , tomatoes, onions, etc. I eat fatty types of fish for the healthy 0mega 3 fats (salmon, tuna, sardines, herring, etc) and I love shrimp, which is fine also,, People on diets tend to eat low fat. But one needs fat to help speed up metabolism, energy, etc. But pick your fats wisely. also, ,poultry, grains, seeds, nuts, lentils and legumes (beans of all kinds) , fruit (mainly the low carb berries and bananas for potassium, and citrus, olives, and use only virgin olive oil or plant-based butter for cooking. And avocados. (full of nutrients and healthy fat we need), veggies (mostly the lower carb ones that grow above the ground). Plus, much more. But mainly this way of eating is from the healthiest eating plan in the world. The Mediterranean Diet. Which is not a weight loss diet per say. But a lifelong healthy lifestyle way of eating. And mostly low carb and low calories, not that hard to track macros. One needs to know the most important thing also when it comes to weight loss, is that it's often what one eats as opposed to how much one eats. So many foods to choose from that are low carb and low calorie, one can eat much more of this food to fill up on. Mainly vegetables. So, I make stir fry with lots of veggies and a little meat like chicken. Or a casserole, salads with salmon, tuna, etc. Lots of recipes for Mediterranean Diet on Pinterest, etc. One can use this as a guide and count calories for the maximum diet plan.

posted February 4
A MyObesityTeam Member

Yes I've started and I think it will be easier. Thank you.

posted February 3

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