Obesity and Making Changes to How You Eat

Posted on March 28, 2018

Start with Small Changes

In the United States, as the science writer Gary Taubes says, food manufacturers have added sugar to so many of the foods that we enjoy. The problem with that is while they taste good, they don't make us feel full. According to experts, a typical adult should not eat more than 50 grams (or about 12 teaspoons) of added sugars per day, and closer to 25 is healthier. Here are six strategies members of MyObesityTeam have used to make changes to how they eat in order to lose weight (beyond cutting back on calories):

Strategy 1: Make sure to include a lean protein

I am using replacement shakes with protein powder for breakfast and lunch and a big salad for dinner….

You want to have a good breakfast to start your day and fuel your body. Here’s what I was told…

Had my breakfast already. Egg white & microwaved turkey bacon & Coffee. Breakfast is the best way to get that metabolism revved up... Now I must journal everything I eat.

I want to share a delicious recipe for a smoothie…Yummy!! And filling!

Strategy 2: Try to eat more vegetables or fruit

I am making my own breakfast smoothies and my biggest problem is lunch. I work and there are no healthy choices in the machines. Any advice?

I made a big batch of soup loaded with veggies…

I always keep fruit and vegetables for evening snacks

Strategy 3: Work on smaller portions at meals

I am doing portion control which is 1/3 to 1/2 of anything in a restaurant and trying to stay small plate at home.

Here’s how I tried to stick to serving sizes for breakfast…

Strategy 4: Keep track by writing down everything you eat (even when you cheat!)

A few key things that help me are writing down every single bite that goes in my mouth. It keeps me accountable, it stops me (most of the time) from eating something I wouldn't want to write down.

I journal everything I eat.

Keeping a food journal has really helped me to hone in on my problem.

Knowing I would weigh in made me pay more attention to my weekend eating.

Strategy 5: Try to cut down on eating foods with added sugar

I'm kinda happy! Eating fewer sweets! a bowl of slow cooking oatmeal for breakfast all week!

I am eating yogurt for breakfast, but watching the grams of sugar in the yogurt because some have a lot of sugar…

When I want chocolate, I grab a protein bar. Not as good, but it suffices.

Strategy 6: Drink enough water

Today I decided to put the alarm on my phone to remind me every hour to drink water.

A regular mountain dew had over one full day’s worth of sugar in it! I drink water now and put pure lemon or pure orange in it, and it tastes great!

What changes have you made in how you eat? Comment below.

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