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This Really Isn’t A Question

This Really Isn’t A Question

I have never been a small lady but after I had my first child I never lost the weight then I went through a very bad divorce (abusive) . I choose to eat to cope with the stress
I was staring to get back on track then I had a medical issue arise which involves me being put on a steroid which caused significant weight gain. I am now off that medication and I am at my heaviest . I am struggling as i struggle with severe asthma and allergies which on days can cause me to winded and plain exhausted… read more

A MyObesityTeam Member said:

My first response is to give you a big long hug. Your first option is to just take a deep breath, get you a scribbler and write. Whatever you want. Write. Draw.
Then, be kind to yourself. You are off those steroids, your body is trying to recover. Help it recover. Eating isn't wrong. Nibbling when upset is no different than someone going for a smoke when stressed. But, when those moments pass, instead of beating yourself up for eating, maybe do something nice for YOU. Have a hot soak, or do your nails. Just something nice for YOU.
Now maybe order some bloodwork. Thyroid, A1C, Vit D. Go from there.
When you eat, focus on the protein first. When you grab for a snack, go for a protein first. Drink plenty of water. (except don't drink when eating). You'll see you'll start breathing better, and it will help you feel better. From there you can make another healthy choice. But, at least you have a kind place to start. Wishing you wellness. Better days are ahead of you.

posted about 1 year ago
A MyObesityTeam Member said:

I can empathize with you as I know that steroids changed my body and limbs and I packed on the weight. It's amazing what happened to me as well.
I have been working on a liver cleanse to get the drug out of my system.
I think it's affected my thyroid.

posted almost 3 years ago
A MyObesityTeam Member said:

Everydaygirl I have tried other diets in the past nothing worked and I always ended up gaining the weight back it wasn't until my hip surgery that the doctor told me I was to heavy for surgery that was my wake up call he went ahead and did the surgery but I was on high risk level I was 325 lbs way to heavy after I got healed from surgery I joined the YMCA and changed the way I was eating I'm doing the healthy lifestyle way of eating and drinking lots of water no sodas sweets processed foods nothing fried today I'm down to 230 lbs it's not as hard as I thought it was gonna be every now and then I do splurge
You can do it just find what works for you
We are all here for you hope this helps

edited, originally posted almost 3 years ago
A MyObesityTeam Member said:

All you can do is 1 day at a time. :)

posted almost 3 years ago
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