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Hi Team? Is Anyone Ready For A November Challenge?

A MyObesityTeam Member asked a question 💭

Yes Thanksgiving is in November but we're supposed to be doing a LIFESTYLE CHANGE!! This would be a great time to get through temptation.

Does anyone want to try the challenge or add some ideas to it?


posted October 21, 2023
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A MyObesityTeam Member

Hi fedup15Granny!!
How are you doing? Welcome back! That's what we're all going to do....try!! 😊 It better to try than to quit!! Guess what? You're back and that means alot.

posted October 24, 2023
A MyObesityTeam Member

Hello everyone it has been a very long time since I been here,but I'm willing to try

posted October 24, 2023
A MyObesityTeam Member

Hey Guys!
I was almost done responding and it disappeared.

Karen......hats off to you for your commitment. 70 oz of water daily would Amp up my weight loss but when I was drinking my Cucumber ginger lemon mint water....I reached that amount but I added Splenda in my cup but I heard that it removed it from being a detox so I thought that it didn't count as water. What do you think? Yes....we would weigh again at the end of November and post another picture. Trust me just doing that is a challenge for me. Remember....you could do Sitercise. Google it! I use to do it.

Thanks my Taffy! Yes a Zoom meeting would be good for those who could join since everyone has different schedules.

Marybeth.....whatever you can do to take part is good. I understand. I be so busy myself. This time is good for me because I can't sleep.

Thanks so much guys! The idea came to me and I truly like a push forward and accountability helps me! I always heard there is no I in team. We're here to help each other. Different one's ideas are very helpful. I've been trying for years but now I'm on track. There is a different way for everyone. Some can go to the gym at 4 am then come home....get ready and go to work. Some are just committed people. When they say that they're going to do it....they stick with it. Then we have some who have tried and tried and later said I'm just big and gave up. Then you have some who have tried different things....been down....tried something else. Gained from meds that they had to take for an illness.....got disgusted but kept trying. To me....that is still being committed. You're committed to not giving up. No matter what you keep trying. They same way we keep trying is the same commitment that we have to put in for our change. Guys in my younger years I always wanted to be a counselor so excuse me....I get long winded sometimes. ☺️

Guys.....let's get it done! WE can do this. I'm proud of all of you and thanks so much for being my extended family.

posted October 24, 2023
A MyObesityTeam Member

i wouldn't be able to participate since my schedule changes daily. But I do plan to keep fit.

posted October 23, 2023
A MyObesityTeam Member

That sounds good I'm already fasting 16/8 and drinking 70oz of water daily along with green tea id have to think of a food to give I've given up sodas years ago processed foods and sweets and eating out and a few other things the exercise part would be a challenge with my balance and legs but I would love the challenge im in I'm just wondering do we weigh in at the end of November

posted October 22, 2023 (edited)

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